RMA Crustacean in the early form


The RMA Crustacean is an analog noise source/erosive signal processor. The core of the (original) Crustacean can be broken down into three primary sections: white noise, a fixed filter low pass rumble with selectable gain structure, and an operational amplifier based pop & crackle section with variable intensity. As of revision 1.4, an audio input with selectable polarity has been standardized, pushing the Crustacean from a source only circuit, to one that acts as an effects processor. An array of internal signal path options offer a range of light weathering patina to severe post apocalyptic erosion riding on the fabric of unstable and overworked circuitry.

Crustacean in triplicate

Preceding versions of the Crustacean were offered with a range of modifications available. Currently I am not advertising modifications to the builds, rather, plug in module sub assemblies are under development that will expand function. I’m willing to discuss client specific tailoring outside the range of immediate offerings, but it’s no longer standard process and change pricing will be on a case by case basis.

Crustacean circuit board version 1.4