The Monobius is the RMA take on the ring modulator circuit. It is comprised of a classic matched diode ring (with a selectable twist) nested within active circuitry. Each channel passes through a discrete amplification stage that makes balancing sources a breeze, and the output of the modulation stage is also passed through a recovery amplifier and “dry” (main input channel) mix control.

The carrier channel includes a sweepable bandpass filter that will provide a tuning reference to a feedback oscillator that provides a carrier source when no external input is inserted in the carrier input jack. External carrier signals also pass through the bandpass filter to allow additional waveshaping of content.

RMA Monobius prototype

Furthermore, an additional distortion/fuzz mode is available through cascading the input channel into the carrier channel and blasting the transformer coupled diode ring with a healthy flood of signal.

RMA Monobius circuit board

Expected ship: February 2017