The RMA Monobius ring modulator is comprised of the classic matched diode ring supported by discrete transistor circuitry. There are two fundamental modes of operation:

  • Ring modulation, in which either an external input is patched through the carrier channel/tunable bandpass filter or no input is patched into the carrier channel resulting in carrier oscillation tuned by the bandpass filter and shaped by the level controls.
  • Fuzz, in which the carrier channel is fed by the input channel (ignoring the carrier in jack and oscillation mode).

RMA Monobius

Standard implementation of the RMA Monobius is five knobs and three switches controlling:

  • input gain/level (rotary knob)
  • carrier gain/level (rotary knob)
  • frequency/bandpass range (three position toggle switch)
  • frequency/bandpass sweep (rotary knob)
  • wet/dry mix (rotary knob)
  • output volume level (rotary knob)
  • mode select (ring modulation or fuzz; two position toggle switch)
  • diode ring configuration (three position toggle switch)

Additional modifications are supported, including:

  • separate gain and level controls for input and/or carrier channels
  • rotary control for nested feedback circuit
  • toggle switch for overdriven input channel
  • toggle switch for local feedback modes
  • treble boost for input channel

Any variation on the standard configuration is built to order, contact for details.