The RMA Mudlark is a high dynamic discrete transistor fuzz. It is comprised of seven discrete transistors and supporting passive components that form up the following four sections:

  1. Initial cascading gain section
  2. Two point equalization
  3. Two transistor fuzz
  4. Recovery amplifier

The sequence of the EQ and fuzz can be reversed to allow more variation. Switching utilizes 4000 series transfer gates (analog switches) tied to 4000 series combinational logic; this allows switching configurations to remain intuitive which proved insurmountably challenging using standard mechanical switches.


The left toggle determines order and LED color, red when EQ feeds fuzz and blue when fuzz feeds EQ. The right toggle actuates a character change and interacts with the order switch to provide four unequal temperaments.


New to the Mudlark is the shorter 1 inch/2.5 cm sidewall.

Contact for custom finishes or availability.