RMA Dirty Doper:

It is just awesome. It’s got such a dirty, lo-fi, but useable sound. It’s almost like running a guitar through 30 mix downs on cassette sometimes and then it cleans up for tight power chords. It was easy to dial in and play with. It gets the artifacts I would expect from a trogotronic (those high pitched artifacts and wierd modulations…but they are more “organic” in the dirty doper…sitting more in the guitar tone than destoying the overall value of it. Subtle but not subtle you know?).

Now, the sustain/oscillations are like nothing I have heard…modulations, feedback, and oscillations that seem controllable and mixed well with some minor arpeggiations…but letting it sustain and take over is beautiful.

This Pedal is the shit. So much texture, different Levels of it melting.

So, I’ve had a few hours of testing this beast now and I can only say that I’m very, very pleased with it! From the lowest of lows on bass (so killer on bass, for real), to metal zone-like riffs settings, to tremolo, to modulated fuzz, to sharp synth tones, high gain with string clarity on chords, and artifacts (percussive clocking noise, modulated humming, white noise etc), this pedal exceeded all of my expectations. It’s extremely responsive to dynamic playing, both tone and volume knobs and PU selection. The volume knob especially makes a world of difference. I was just now playing some pretty gritty riffs (both initial gain and stability knob cranked) and rolled back the volume only to find the best clean tone I’ve ever heard. I was blown away. So crisp and present. Made my PU’s come alive like I’ve never heard them. If I strummed really hard it just made it break up a little bit (if this is that Klon-sound people are going apeshit for, I understand why).

PSA: if you haven’t plugged your doper into itself it, DO IT! it’s like a whole other pedal.. I have the right out going into left in and the craziest shit is happening. seriously blowing my mind. i’m getting some PLL vibes with some settings, some wild trogotronic styled stuff and even some super smooth distortion… wtf is this thing :love:

Alright! I finally got some time to jam and holy fucking shit man! Hahaha! This thing is amazing! Absolutely amazing on bass! It works perfect with my active bass, which is actually kind of rare! haha. Each switch and knob is a key to something crazier than the last setting, but I love that you can also get semi subtle tones with it as well. With delay, it’s brutal. The self oscillation when you plug it into itself is killer! It’s like a drone machine but you can still play through on some settings. Very intuitive and well thought out! I can’t wait to try the CV’s. I don’t currently have a cable or I would have! But I’m in love!

RMA Tetanus Booster:

This sucker is the most beastly booster I’ve ever tried! The volume on tap is I think even more than the Black Art Toneworks Destroyer, which is fucking insane! hahaha. I decided to tame it a bit and mess with a volume pedal. Holy crap! When you max out the volume and turn the gain just right, it’s insane! Bone crushing. If I mess with the eq on my bass, it can get very crisp and punchy as well, which is killer! This thing is great! If you’re hesitant to buy one, don’t be!!!

It works well as an all purpose dirty preamp. I’ve used in on microphones. I really think the banana jacks offer a totally different way to get into CV territories instead of the env detector, squarewave tracking osc realm of things.