Tetanus Booster

The RMA Tetanus Booster is at root a utility circuit, the fundamental purpose here is to make things louder. It does this with aplomb, and along the way we have unearthed methods to keeps things interesting as well.

The very first production Tetanus Booster with special knob

Initially the form took that of a single AMOUNT control while splitting the input signal into a pair of standard phone (1/4″ or 6.35 mm instrument cables) jacks with the option of a face mounted pair of 4 mm banana plugs at industry standard 3/4″ (19 mm) on center spacing to carry a DC tolerant BJT stage buffered output. Due to the pleasant nature of overdriven signal on tap with the ~42 dB of gain a pre/post variant has become standard, but single knob utility splits can be special ordered.

High gain variants have been discontinued due to floor noise issues.